Our league is every Thursday at 7pm for 8 weeks! For the first 7 weeks, each member will get at least 40 competitive throws per night. You can arrive early to get more practice and warm-up time before the matches start! Leagues typically last 1-2 hours.

You will be scored by a coach while throwing for the first 7 weeks. Your points will be recorded to ensure that you are not ranked based on who you are against, but instead your skills on getting high scores!

On week 8 we will have a Championship Tournament to determine the Hurling Hatchets League Champion. This year our League Champion will receive a custom axe and more!

League nights will be Thursday nights at 7 pm starting January 16th, 2020.

 Our league follows World Axe Throwing League rules and regulations. Please see the rules page below. 


The cost of a full season of the axe throwing league is $125+Tax.

Each member will receive free sessions, discounted prices, and other benefits.